Gone Fishing, Back Soon

So, that was an unexpected absence. It all started with a visit to Florida in February, where my child contracted a bad chest cold and gave it to me. She recovered in a week, but before long, my cold turned into my first-ever case of pneumonia. Gotta say, pneumonia — I don’t recommend it. Really, really sucks.

March was a month of struggling to recover. Then at the top of April, we had guests and then it was Tax Time! Followed by “I’d Better Finish Editing My Best Friend’s Manuscript Before She Disowns Me” Time. Now I’m on “Visiting My Mom at a Nursing Home in Florida” Time. But next week, by golly next week, I’ll be back in the saddle, working on my manuscript again, and it will be “My Writing is My Job” Time (otherwise known as Me Time… or as Me Time as it ever gets when you’re the busy mother of a 3-year-old whose responsible for everything in the household).

I meant to send a hearty congratulations to Robena Grant on becoming a Golden Heart finalist…. but time got away from me. Robena, I have my fingers crossed that you’ll win.

So, I was gone. I’m coming back. I’d say “please discuss,” but I don’t have that many commenters. So, instead, I’ll say “Glad to be back.”