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Walking in the Dark

Gifted psychic Cassie Davis has never been the same since the death of her daughter. Now all she can see is how people die, and she hasn’t been able to do a thing to stop fate. But when she touches the hand of six-year-old Emily Porter, she sees a murder she can’t ignore. Detective Danny Castillo is not a believer, but something about this woman gets under his skin. Can destiny be stopped?
Part 1 of the In the Dark series
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Watching in the Dark

Journalist Louise Warren has a checkered past and a secret. She talks with ghosts. When the spirit world starts haunting her with information on a series of unsolved murders in the Keys, she starts digging. Detective Kurt Alfaro hates nosy reporters, especially one little redhead who’s made it her life mission to profile his father’s most famous cold case. But there are some secrets people will kill to keep.
Part 2 of the In the Dark series

Waiting in the Dark

Private Investigator Jamie Larkin has spent the past 15 years searching for what happened to her mother one fateful day in the Keys. She’s never been as close as she is now, if only FBI agent Tucker Bradstreet would stay out of her way. Intuition has been Tucker’s gift since high school. Now his spidey senses tell him that staying close to Jamie could blow open the corruption case he’s been working on for the past three years. Working together could get them the answers they want. Or get them killed.
Part 3 of the In the Dark series

Somewhere in the Dark

Jolie Porter has had a lousy year and all her telephone psychic mom can say is “I told you so.” Of course that same mom is now in jail, facing fraud charges. State’s Attorney Casey Alfaro is just trying to make his case, but something about Agnes Porter doesn’t add up. Especially when you put her spunky daughter into the equation.
An In the Dark series novella